• Trueview makes it easy to find people with common interests

  • Log the things you like and those you don’t

  • Meet like-minded people and see their true personality

  • Have real conversations

  • Make true connections

" I have no doubts it will be a huge success and will potentially revolutionise the dating industry."
Emma Kenny
"It is the dating app for the social media generation."
Beta List
"This unique structure connects potential matches using this refreshingly honest and dynamic data within the growing TrueView community."
Wayra UK
"TrueView is a smartphone application that is working on fixing all the wrong in online dating."
The Next Web
TrueView is a new way of people-finding that is based on like-mindedness determined by the real things that you do.
Simon Devonshire
"It's such a refreshing approach to dating, the big players have definitely met their match."

At TrueView we offer a unique service that gives you the control, allowing you to connect with the people you want in order to establish a healthy relationship. People everyday are using us to connect with new people, and so can you.

There are a few things you should bear in mind before getting started. Keeping in mind that to grow any relationship, you have to give a little to get a little, you should exercise caution when getting to know any potential new connections whether you meet them in a bar, through friends or with us.