Solid relationships are built on trust

We’re bored of the dishonesty that consumes online dating; the fake profiles, photo doctoring, lack of accountability, embellished profiles - all of which lead to an unfulfilling experience. Until now.

Express yourself.


Less swipe. More spark.

Long gone are the days of waiting for somebody to swipe you right or walk past you on the street. With our spark feature it is easier than ever to break the ice. It’s simple. If you dig somebodies content, you can like or comment on it with a tap of a button. You are also in full control whether you want to chat more or not with those that spark with your profile. It makes starting a conversation much easier.

Connect online. Date offline.

Our date arranger and helpful tips makes it easy.

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Driven by our community

We take feedback and the needs of modern singles very seriously and we have already integrated a whole host of ideas from our community. To make online dating a better place we welcome all our new members to get involved via our social channels or by chatting to us direct.

Date Safe

You should exercise caution when getting to know any potential new connections whether you meet them in a bar, through friends or with us. Here are a few things you might want to consider.

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Don't just take our word for it.

“It is what online dating should be”

The Guardian

“We are now planning are future and wedding together after meeting on TrueView. Thank you.”

Colin & Rebecca

“TrueView is the best in our humble opinion. (Sozza Tinder).”

Antidote London

“TrueView will revolutionise the online dating market, making it safe, secure, and most of all, fun.”

Daily Mail

“People want the speed an app, but the detail of traditional dating sites. TrueView has this.”

The Metro

“It’s so good and it’s a local invention!”